President Address

  • Loften has come a long way since its inception in August of 2000. Starting as a small company struggling in a new market, we have evolved into a corporation that now issues corporate shares and securities. Through good management and hard work, we’ve been able to move at a tremendous pace in the aluminum industry, and we’re now distributing our product internationally. Because of our quick success, the first-mover advantage is ours, giving us the opportunity to grow even larger in our market.

    Since our founding in the Shandong Province of China, everyone working for Loften has continued to support our company values. We feel it’s our responsibility to use technological innovation to revitalize our national industry and create an industry that serves our country.

    As an A-shares listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, or SSE, we have a unified mission which includes social responsibility. We adhere to the rules and regulations of the SSE and make it our goal to pursue perfection in our merchandise, which includes high-precision aluminum strip, high-precision aluminum foil and aluminum foil products. Because we are an environmentally-conscious company, we do our best to surpass the standards for environmental protection, and we support the movement toward an environmentally-friendly world.

    Today, through support from home and abroad, Loften is growing at an even faster pace. It’s our hope to make Loften a world-wide household name. 


    Rongqiang Yu, President & Chairman

Worldwide Network

Currently, we export products to over 40 countries throughout Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, United .... Read more >>