For quality control, we have imported a digital gauge-control system and a flatness-control system from the USA and the UK. We also have advanced separators, grinding machines and annealing furnaces to assist in the process. Our current production capacity is 200,000 MT per year for aluminum foil and 500,000 MT per year for sheet and plate aluminum.

Standing Separator

Our standing separator is also commonly known as the slitting Machine. We operate five sets of slitting machines, and one heavy gauge slitting machine. It is used to cut foil to a customer’ specifications. There are three main parts to the separator, the uncoiler, splitter and recoiler. Foil is fed from the uncoiler, through the space between the two circular cutting wheels and then re-wound in smaller pieces on to the recoiler.

MINO Aluminium Foil Mill

We operate four sets of foil mills all imported from Italy. The mill is controlled by a digital control system and correspondent direct current timing system developed by Italian EDM company and composed by ARZIGNANO(VI) PLC. Our mill is also equipped with the Honeywell gauge-detecting system. The MINO Aluminum Foil Mill can manufacture high quality aluminum foil with a minimum thickness of 0.006mm so as to meet the needs of different industries.

Digital Control Grinding Machines

Digital control system made by Siemens PLS and ABB transducer. Our factory machines are grinding qualified mill rollers and aluminum rollers. The grinding machine repeatedly presses the foil thinner and thinner, to produce to the customers’ specifications.

Annealing Furnace

We operate 20 sets of annealing furnaces produced by Tianjin Tianlu Co. all controlled by one set of completely automatic temperature control system, made by Omron PLC, ABB transducer control output. Annealing furnaces produce aluminum in different tempers. Also during this process the aluminum foil is cleaned and de-oiled.

Worldwide Network

Currently, we export products to over 40 countries throughout Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, United .... Read more >>