Company Culture

  • As a Confucian Businessmen Corporation, we live by our culture’s long-standing ethical code. It is our belief that virtue should supersede profit, that the collective good should come before individual interests and that spiritual ideals should outweigh individual desires. We are dedicated to the idea that the consumer and the good of the culture should come first.


    Our Vision and Mission

    It is our long-term vision to create products only of the highest quality and to become the leader in the aluminum foil industry. Driven by science and technology, our mission is to be the environmental protection pioneer in our field.


    Our Values, Beliefs and Morality

    Traditional values run deep within Loften. Our motto is, “Be sincere to everyone; be serious about everything”. In other words, a successful business is nothing without honesty.

    We believe in self-improvement, dedication, efficiency and discipline. In fact, the entire Loften family of employees is devoted to working and serving the company. When walking around the Loften facility, you might hear, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today” – that’s our pledge.

    At Loften, we also have a profound sense of morality. Diligence and integrity are vital parts of our business, and we also place a strong emphasis on being conscientious. We believe in being polite to our customers and to all those whom we encounter.


    Company Spirit, Policy and Standards

    We have a strong, unified corporate spirit at Loften. Our purpose is not only to pursue our goals, but also to continually improve our products to make them the best they can be. We want to achieve excellence through quality products and hard work.

    Our highly-qualified personnel have a heavy workload and many responsibilities, and our company’s policy is to reward them well for their efforts – when our employees are happy, our customers are as well.

    We maintain strict environmental standards to protect the environment in our nation and throughout the world. We have met the ISO 14001 authentication for environmental management and continue to improve our environmental impact on the biosphere.

Worldwide Network

Currently, we export products to over 40 countries throughout Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, United .... Read more >>