About Us

  • Overview

    Established in August of 2000, Loften Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., manufactures and distributes high-quality aluminum foil products throughout the world. Our headquarters are located in the Shandong Province of China. Loften was among the top ten aluminum foil manufacturers in 2009. We are positioned to be the largest aluminum foil manufacturer in China with our 3rd factory starting production in 2012.

    Core Values

    Our company has been recognized as a Confucian Businessmen Corporation, meaning that we abide by the Confucian ideals and ethics prevalent in the Chinese culture. With Shandong being a pivotal cultural site for Confucianism, we place an emphasis on many essential values such as diligence, conscientiousness, politeness and integrity.

    Why work with Loften?

    Loften has won the support and trust of many customers and investors, with excellent quality, leading technology, and the integrity of employees. In 2010, Loften was issued and listed successfully on the A-share market at the Shanghai Stock Exchange. We are a publically traded company, our stock code is 002379.

    We are ranked very high in our industry. According to the statistics of China Nonferrous Metal Processing Industry Association, we rank first in pharmaceutical foil and second in household foil output throughout our nation.

    We offer a wide range of products, in many different specifications, and only offer high quality products at competitive prices. Our products are sold in over 40 countries throughout the globe including Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and North America.

    We are focused on research and development at two of our factories, one in Boxing, and another in Qingdao. We have a third factory under construction in XiNing that will increase our production capacity and efficiency greatly. It is strategically placed in the provincial capital of Qinghai, which offers access to majority of the raw materials necessary for production. Combined, the three factories will strengthen Loften to continue to be a leading manufacturer of aluminum foil products.

    Our sales teams and factory workers are committed and eager to make every customer satisfied. We respect our customers and the markets we serve. We seek to foster long term, stable, and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

    Loften Foil America in Chicago, Illinois is strategically placed to provide excellent service for our clients within the North and Latin American market. Our team is devoted and ready to serve the aluminum foil needs of Canada, United States and Latin America clients.

Worldwide Network

Currently, we export products to over 40 countries throughout Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, United .... Read more >>