Loften Announces New Production- Aluminum Foil Food Containers
posted on March 5th,2012 by sashan

  • Loften North America was pleased to announce the expanded new plant now starting production of aluminum foil food containers. Already ranked number 1 in household foil manufacturing in China, this new development moves Loften into position as a global contender for placement in the top foil manufacturers- worldwide.

    Aluminum Foil food containers are commonly used for to-go food packaging, catering, and holiday cooking. Loften is offering food containers in a wide array of shapes and sizes: squares, rectangles, rounds, ovals, cups, and compartmentals- to name a few.

    Aluminum foil is unsurpassed in formability and strength. When pressed into a shaped dish, the aluminum foil “memorizes” its shape, particularly where the folds, ribs, and rims occur. The shape, thickness, alloy and temper can be selected to suit specific requirements, creating exactly the performance characteristics required for nearly any application.

    If you are interested in any of Loften’s aluminum foil products, please direct your inquiries to the following address:

    S. Kirsten Nielsen

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