Loften is World Leader in Aluminum Industry
posted on February 10th,2012 by sashan

  • As the leading network media in the aluminum industry, conducted the 4th annual “China Top 100 Aluminum Company in China”, naming Loften Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd as a leader in the aluminum industry. Loften has earned the distinction of being ranked in the Top 100 Aluminum Companies, proving once again to be a global leader in the industry.

    Since their inception in 2000, Loften has positioned itself as a powerful leader. Already appearing on the list as a “Top 100 Aluminum Company” in 2008, 2009, and 2010, Loften Aluminum Foil Co. Ltd. asserted their power despite being established on the year of our new millennium.

    Loften’s success is not only a direct reflection of sheer production volume and exacting standards. Loften is an innovative, competitive, and robust brand that was built on the foundation of a strong company culture.

    As a Confucian Businessmen Corporation, the personnel live by the culture’s long-standing ethical code. It is their belief that “virtue should supersede profit, that the collective good should come before individual interests, and that spiritual ideals should outweigh individual desires.” Loften company culture is “dedicated to the idea that the consumer and the good of the culture should come first.” Loften’s profound sense of morality is the foundation for their business: diligence and integrity are precepts of company values, placing a strong emphasis on being conscientious.

    -S. Kirsten Nielsen

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