Aluminum Foil Market
posted on December 15th,2011 by sashan

  • As many in the industry already know, Aluminum (Bauxite, aluminum ore) is the second most abundant metallic element found on Earth, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Due to the economy’s downturn, as well as the increased practice of recycling aluminum, primary need for aluminum has declined in recent years. However, North America’s demand for foil is expected to increase to approximately 550,000 tons per year by 2019, according to the Metal Bulletin. This increased demand is due to increased utilization of aluminum in many applications.

    Packaging accounts for nearly half of aluminum foil usage in North America, and is available in all shapes and sizes. Many companies utilize aluminum in product packaging because of its numerous, valuable, and versatile properties. Aluminum is lightweight, uses less shelf space, and is more cost-effective/less expensive than most plastic and paper packaging.

    Modern lifestyle changes have effected the packaging industry, many products now come packaged in “single-use” & “Daily” sizes, “single-serving”, “ready-made”, and “to-go” foods, to name a few. Aluminum drinking cans are now more popular-nearly 50% of all sodas and beers come packaged in aluminum, versus glass or plastic. Currently aluminum foil packaging alone is a billion dollar industry here in the United States.

    The demand for pharmaceutical foils is expected to increase in the next few years, as Baby Boomers age, requiring more medications and a multitude of convenience products. According to the Healthcare Packaging Report, “healthcare packaging is predicted to reach $62 billion by 2015.” Foils in myriad forms have gained popularity in pharmaceutical packaging with innovative techniques such as image, logo, branding and holographic printing. This printing on the foil aids in the prevention counterfeiting, with additional benefits of brand and manufacturer recognition.

    The construction and automotive markets are responsible for nearly 25% of the total demand on the aluminum foil market. Aluminum is used in construction of commercial buildings and homes, most commonly in heating and ducting. In the auto industry, aluminum is gaining popularity and merit as a material used in car manufacturing. Due to its intrinsically lightweight, versatile properties, aluminum components improve a vehicles’ efficiency. Industry leaders in the automotive sector such as Jaguar, Audi, Dodge, Durango, Jeep and Chrysler are already reaping the benefits of utilizing aluminum.

    Sources: Metal Bulletin, and Healthcare Packaging Report

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