Environmentally-Conscious, Loften Aluminum Foil Co. expands to the U.S Market
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  • There has been a lot of controversy over the impact of aluminum foil on the environment recently. Loften Aluminum Foil Co. – a company out of China – is entering the U.S. market as an environmentally-friendly producer of aluminum products. Their goal is to limit their carbon footprint on the world while producing high-quality aluminum foil, giving aluminum manufacturers across the world a reason to follow suit.

    Burlingame, California; November 1, 2011 – Loften Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., has just announced their arrival in the U.S. market. As an environmentally-conscious company, Loften is expanding their distribution throughout the world while limiting their impact on the biosphere. Based in the Shandong Province of China, Loften produces – among other products – household and pharmaceutical grade aluminum foil. Their international distribution includes Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Middle East and now the U.S.

    Starting out as a small company in 2000, Loften is now a large corporation that is currently listed as an A-shares company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The company has developed a bright-sided cold molding lamination foil, which was named the Important New Product by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Environmental Protection in China. They have also manufactured a double zero aluminum foil that is supported by their National Torch Program – a program sponsored by the Ministry of Science in China for the creation of new high-tech industries.

    Approved by the FDA, and passing the authentication of the environmental standards of the International Organization for Standardization, Loften is on its way to being one of the most environmentally-friendly producers of aluminum foil in the world. By entering the U.S. market, they are expanding their efforts and setting the pace for others within their industry.

    For more information on Loften, their environmental standards and their products, visit www.Loften.us.

    About Loften Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd.

    Loften was established in August of 2000. They manufacture and distribute high-quality aluminum foil products internationally. Headquartered in the Shandong Province of China, Loften produces environmentally-friendly products and has been named a Confucian Businessmen Corporation. They are the number one producer of pharmaceutical foil and the number two producer of household foil in China.

    About Loften North America

    Loften North America is wholely owned US subsidiary by Loften Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd.  Loften North America is the sales arm of the parent company, serving the market for USA, Canada, and Mexico.

    Loften has recently entered the U.S. market as a major contender.

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